Service Guide Podcast

Service Guide Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring appliance repair, and other guests in the service industries. Join us and our guest each week and be in the know.

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  • In this episode Lisa & Andrew from Beans Home Inspections share  their experiences from the home inspection business. We cover from their inspection to their business to today. After we talk about the values the Beans strive for everyday we go over some advice for the spring season.  For instance, we go over some spring cleaning tips and tricks outside your home such as windows, trees, siding and more. Next, we go over what to look for inside the home for things like cleaning ducts and under app

  • In this episode Tony & Chuck share experiences of appliance repair and the stories that go along with them. For instance, we go over cleaning habits for dryers and ovens. We will also hear stories in this podcast from Zach, sharing some of his experiences. Join us as we dive into the minds of our technicians and the owner. Prepare to be launched down a rabbit hole of little known facts, amusing tales and an all around enjoyable conversation. We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoyed c

  • Our interview at the radio station: In this V-log, we join Zach, the owner and appliance technician at Gordon’s Appliance Service, as he’s interviewed on the “Friends over 50 Show”.  Zach and Ed talk about the history of Gordon’s Appliance Service, maintenance tips, and other...

  • It’s a day full of microwaves and dishwashers to be repaired. We join Zach, owner and technician at Gordon’s Appliance Service; as he gives us an overview of a day in the life of an appliance technician. All of the calls for this day were...

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  • A weekly segment with what ever pops into my mind as related to appliances and our service. This weeks Segment: The value of experience can be often over looked.

  • A weekly segment with what ever pops into my mind as related to appliances and our service. This weeks Segment: What makes us different then the other guys.