Service Guide Podcast: Episode 1

Service Guide Podcast: Episode 1


Hello and welcome! Thanks for giving our Service Guide Podcast a chance. Join us in the first episode of many; about home ownership, appliances, stories and more. We pride ourselves on learning something new every day and hope we educate you!. If you enjoyed this podcast click the links below to follow for updated podcasts every Friday.

In this episode Tony & Chuck share experiences of appliance repair and the stories that go along with them. For instance, we go over cleaning habits for dryers and ovens. We will also hear stories in this podcast from Zach, sharing some of his experiences. Join us as we dive into the minds of our technicians and the owner. Prepare to be launched down a rabbit hole of little known facts, amusing tales and an all around enjoyable conversation. We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoyed creating it! OK, lets dive into the Service Guide Podcast!

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