• In this episode Lisa & Andrew from Beans Home Inspections share¬† their experiences from the home inspection business. We cover from their inspection to their business to to

  • In this episode Tony & Chuck share experiences of appliance repair and the stories that go along with them. For instance, we go over cleaning habits for dryers and ovens. W

  • Our interview at the radio station: In this V-log, we join Zach, the owner and appliance technician at Gordon’s Appliance Service, as he’s interviewed on the &#

  • It’s a day full of microwaves and dishwashers to be repaired. We join Zach, owner and technician at Gordon’s Appliance Service; as he gives us an overview of a

  • Fire stations and car washes. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: https://www

  • New style video where I follow Zach with a camera. Facebook: Instagram:

  • A weekly segment with what ever pops into my mind as related to appliances and our service. This weeks Segment: The value of experience can be often over looked.

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