Microwaves and dishwashers VLOG-003

Microwaves and dishwashers VLOG-003

It’s a day full of microwaves and dishwashers to be repaired.

We join Zach, owner and technician at Gordon’s Appliance Service; as he gives us an overview of a day in the life of an appliance technician. All of the calls for this day were dishwashers or microwaves. He covers installs, maintenance, and helpful appliance service tips.

A few tips we are able to glean from this day:

Before requesting service on any appliance, make sure you give the team member the model and serial number of the appliance. Many times we can come to your home prepared with parts and not need a return trip! It also allows for us to have service guides on hand.

Make sure you hire a reputable company to install or service your microwave or dishwasher. Improper installs often lead to major problems later on. Potential safety hazards such as an electrical fire or a flood can occur. You don’t want the cheap option upfront to cause a larger expense later.

Microwaves are so handy and we often don’t realize how often we use them until they break.  Same can be said for our dishwashers, so make sure if you need a repair you book right here or call us to schedule an appointment.

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